Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Four microcosms of the west in the face of a New Global order:

The Four microcosms of the west in the face of a New Global order:

The current Global World Order as seen by the west is best dissected by what we can say as the Four Microcosms of the West. these are the ideological tools that they use to look at the world and interact with it.

After seeing that a new world order has arisen, the west as a policy has adopted what we may call as a POST WAR HEGEMONY STRATEGY in dealing with the world. within this context they have underlined a four--set in which they deal with the world which is as follows:

1. They define who are and can be their allies
2. They identify potential threats and enemies and define them as rogue states
3. they apply sanctions to countries which refuse to be bullied under their new world order
1. creation of economic sanctions by:
1. primary boycott of countries allied to the West of any economic transactions with the Country targetted
2. secondary boycotts by threathening Multinational corporations/Transnatrional Companies from transacting business with so-called Rogue States.
2. application of Political Sanctions by outmaneuvering international organizations like the United Nations Security Council
3. pressuring states allied with the West to apply pressure or expelling diplomats from rogue states.
4. they create scenarios of which they seek to manipulate the events to their own benefits
1. Political scenarios wherein they aim to create political tumoil by fermenting dissension in rogue states
2. International Diplomatic isolation by trying to either neutralize or pressure diplomats from the so-called rogue states for participating in international diplomatic and political actions by either exclusion/expulsion from membership or pressuring other states to actively support actions against these states.

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