Saturday, December 15, 2007

This is our world

This is our world.
By Yusuf Morales

Ever since the creation of man, this world has served as one purpose of existence.... as a place for man to grow,seek his creator, worship, and take care of this earth as his regent (khilafatul ard). Man has been at times rebellious against his lord, at times obedient, at times at peace, at times in perpetual war. shedding blood at the tiniest instance.

Man has forgotten that his essence of existence, is to be the steward of this earth so that others after him may enjoy this earth, to be asteward of his fellowmen so that he may be “his brother's keeper”. It has been seen in the history of man's civilization that man has engaged himself in countless wars at immense cost to life. And despite the countless mournings, and cries for “never again”, wars continue as if they have never had war and the thirst for shedding of blood.

Why destroy our homes and environments, why fight, why maim, why kill, we are but custodians of this earth, our lives are but short. Isnt it but fitting we bear tribute to life's sanctity? queer as it is, but one bomb's cost can feed hundreds of dying children in refugee camps, guns for an army is worth ten times the number of plowshares that can be bought and irrigations for farms to ward off the pangs of hunger.or even hospitals for the wounded in battle with the cost of equipment and medicines couldve been used for thethousands dying for the simple cause of cholera or tuberculosis.

Queer indeed is the nature of man, but the fact remains, Jew, Arab, Westerner, Muslim, Christian , Muslim, or anybody for that matter, we are but souls sent to be stewards of this lovely earth, to cherish it and love other fellow souls in this earth. and in the end, we must realize we must figuratively “beat swords into plowshares”, “command others do do right and forbid to do wrong” , “love ones fellow men as one loves himself” , if indeed and indeed we are trully in search of a peace that will be lasting. “until kingdom come and Gods will be done.”

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